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The Latin scientific name of purple heart wood: Peltogyne, the tree height is 50m, and the average diameter can reach 1m.  Bark: Gray, with longitudinal cracks.  Hue: There is a clear difference between edge and heartwood. The sapwood is yellow and white with light peach stripes. The heartwood is grayish brown or grayish-purple when it is fresh, and turns dark purple when it is left. The name purple heartwood comes from the color of its heartwood.  Specific gravity: air-dry specific gravity value A.D.0.80~1.00.  Wood: The wood is straight or staggered, and the wood muscle is slightly thick.

Heartwood comes in many colors, based on purple-brown, it can become nearly black with deep purple.  Purple-brown or black stripes, and sometimes yellow stripes.  The heartwood has high gloss, average texture and smooth surface.  The sapwood is completely different from the heartwood, almost white, but this kind of wood basically removes the sapwood and only uses the heartwood.


The density is extremely high and very heavy.  Very hard, very high strength in all indicators.  Because its diameter is too small, it is basically only used for decorative purposes.  Due to its high density and oiliness, it can be processed into a highly polished surface.  It has strong nail-holding force and needs to be punched in advance.  Adhesive processing requires careful operation, manual tool processing and mechanical processing are relatively easy, which will dull the tool to a certain extent.


Wood has high strength, durability, meticulous structure, stable dimensions and attractive material color. It is a precious decorative material. Floors, inlaid wall panels and veneers made of wood are very popular.

It is also very suitable for making cabinets, kitchens, furniture, high-end joinery; car spinning and carving handicrafts; doors and windows, staircase pedals; musical instruments, billiard sticks, knife handles; ships; bridges, docks; roof trusses, joists, pillars; for bleaching, dyeing, and brewing  Use large basins, wooden barrels, and high-grade coffins.

4、Distribution range

Suriname and Guyana are distributed in tropical areas of South America.