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Belonging to Leguminosae, Milk Morus genus.  Large tree without buttress; height 27-30m; straight trunk, 18-21m height under the branches; diameter at breast height 60-95cm; a large amount of viscous milk can flow out of the bark, mainly produced in northern South America.

Wood is diffuse porous wood.  The distinction between heart and sapwood is obvious to slightly obvious.  The color of the wood varies greatly; the heartwood is yellowish brown, which gradually changes to light brown, chestnut brown, chestnut to dark brown after atmospheric oxidation; the sapwood is yellowish white to off-white, 2 to 4 cm thick.  The growth ring is slightly obvious or not obvious.  The wood has a strong luster, no special smell and taste; the texture is straight or slightly staggered, with deer spots; the structure is fine and uniform.


1. Good dimensional stability.

 2. The wood is heavy and elastic;

 3. Good nail-holding ability. To prevent wood from cracking, drill holes before nailing.

 4. The wood is very resistant to decay, resistant to termites and silverfish, and slightly resistant to marine drilling wood animals;

 5. It is difficult to impregnate the heartwood preservative.  Drying should be slow, otherwise cracks and warpage defects will occur.

 6. The processing is quite easy, but it is difficult for those with intricate texture and interlacing; the finishing, polishing and adhesiveness are all good.


Timber is heavy, strong and elastic, suitable for making floors and joinery products.  It is also suitable for making furniture, decks, boat frames, stair treads, wooden molds, large woodwork products, heavy structural materials in the water; heavy and light construction materials, turning products, sports equipment, fence panels, wall panels and decorative veneers, etc.

4、Distribution range

Mainly produced in northern South America.