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South American Intsia is a large tree with a height of about 40-45m, a diameter at breast height of up to 1.7m, and a straight stem.  The bark is brown or gray, the branches are four-sided, with stellate hairs.  The leaves are opposite, very large, ovate or elliptical, and densely covered with gray-yellow stellate hairs on the back.  It grows in tropical rain forests and transitional areas between tropical rain forests and savanna. It likes well-drained soil.  Located in South America, the annual temperature range is relatively small and the precipitation is abundant.

The raw wood and sapwood are light red, and the heartwood is light red or light yellow or brown. Under natural conditions, it gradually turns into a shiny brown with a light red hue. The transition between the heartwood and the sapwood is obvious. You can see walnuts on the sawn section.  The pattern of the wood; the wood is very resistant to decay; the wood is slightly heavier, with an air-dry density of about 0.72g/cm3, and the wood has strong strength.


South American teak has high density and hard material.  It has strong corrosion resistance and oiliness. The wood contains silicon, which is not easy to process and crack; it has good mechanical properties.


It is suitable for wooden structure buildings, skeletons, carriages, boats, furniture, floors, etc.  It is often used in outdoor construction, and is mostly used to build houses on the seaside, showing its super anti-corrosion ability.  It has a wide range of uses, mainly for the manufacture of warships and ships, bridges, buildings, car boxes, furniture, carvings, wood-ware and veneers, and veneers.

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