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South American rosewood is also called Jatoba and Jatoba, belonging to the genus Jatoba, so South American rosewood is not a mahogany species, not rosewood.  South American rosewood is mainly grown in the Amazon River Basin in South America, such as Brazil, Paraguay, and Suriname. It is one of the most famous species in South America.  At present, the Amazon virgin forest in the Amazon River Basin in northern Brazil is the main production area.

The heartwood is light brown to orange-red-brown. The difference between the heartwood on the edge is obvious. The wood is shiny, oily and sexy, no special smell, heavy and hard material, medium structure, slightly uniform, interlaced and beautiful texture, corrosion resistance, moth resistance, toughness, good dimensional stability.


Sawing: Difficult and requires more power.

Drying: slow drying, difficult to dry

Planing: slightly difficult

Gluing: easy

Post-processing: good

Veneer: good slicing performance, difficult to peel due to hard material

Corrosion resistance: medium to very good

Termite resistance: very good.


Indoor and outdoor joinery, marine engineering, high-end furniture, cabinets, floors, stairs, decorative veneers, car rotating parts, curved wood products, etc.


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