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Broad bean is also called white rosewood.  Mainly distributed in Mexico in North America, Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, Colombia and other places in South America.  Belonging to the genus genus Ectomorph of the dish-shaped flower family. Ectomorph is a precious wood in Brazil, and it has entered the Chinese market in recent years.

 Diffuse porous wood.  The wood grain texture is straight or staggered, the structure is medium to fine, and a few tree species have thicker and shiny structures.  The heartwood and sapwood are clearly distinguished. The sapwood is white to yellow-white, and the color of the heartwood varies greatly, ranging from light red, orange red to reddish brown or purple red, brown to purple dark brown, with obvious purple or dark brown stripes.  The number of rows of wood rays and the shape of the cells resemble rosewood, so it is called rosewood in the market.


It can be used to manufacture high-end furniture, handicrafts, and is also a high-quality material for musical instruments, violin and bows.