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Large trees, up to 23m in height and 0.6m in diameter; slender trunks, with trunks up to 14-17m in length. They often grow in mountain rainforests, highlands on both sides of rivers, and live in groups. Distributed in Suriname, French Siyana and Brazil  , Is an important commodity material for Suriname.

The difference between sapwood is obvious. The color of heartwood is from yellowish brown green to dark green. The wood texture is straight and obvious with stripes, the structure is fine and uniform, and the texture is very beautiful.


The wood is very heavy, hard in texture, high in strength, oil-containing, and excellent in stability. It is used for plain panels and is not painted. The planed surface is oxidized to dark green by light.


Coffee heart wood is an important commercial material in Suriname; it is called Saint Sandalwood in South America, and it is also used for construction, flooring, high-end furniture, joinery, etc.