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It is distributed in subtropical regions of the world, mainly in Southeast Asia and South America.  It gets its name because it has a texture similar to "chicken wings".  The texture is staggered and clear, and the color is abrupt.

 Among the mahogany, it is the most beautiful wood, with a slight aroma, and the growth rings are not obvious.  The lines are radial.



Because of its very slow natural growth, the pattern is clear and vivid, and there is a slight fragrance. The growth rings are not obvious. It is a radial pattern with interlaced and clear textures. The color is abrupt. The heartwood is dark brown or chestnut brown, often with black stripes.



Used for making furniture, turning products, carving works, outdoor joinery making, violin bow floor and decorative veneer, and can also be used for building structural engineering and shipbuilding.


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