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 Wood name: Tonka Bean

It is a large tree with a height of 20-36 meters. It is native to South America. When it first entered China, it was called Longfengtan because its texture resembled a dragons body and phoenix tail. Although it is not very scientific, it is extremely rare and precious.  It is an excellent hardwood species in South America. It only grows in the highlands of Guyana and a few areas such as the Brazilian Amazon. Its growth environment is quite complex. It can grow well in high temperature and high humidity environments and environments with large climate changes.  But limited by the latitude and longitude of the earth, it can only grow in a few areas.  Because of its scarcity, stability, and beauty, it is called "Dragon Phoenix Sandalwood", which is very consistent with the beautiful meaning of Chinese people for rare things.


The color of the two-winged bean is brown, the color is steady, noble and elegant.  The wood grain is simple, interlocking, wavy, and phoenix tail-like. It has a unique and clear and coiled texture, which is like a dragon and a phoenix.  Since ancient times, the dragon and phoenix play has been a beautiful symbol, implying wealth and auspiciousness. One of the criteria for distinguishing the authenticity of the two-winged bean is to observe whether its texture has a unique dragon and phoenix pattern. The real dragon and phoenix sandalwood, viewed from different angles, is  It looks like a dragon and phoenix pattern.

The wood color of Dipterous is light brown, with hard texture, high density and small deformation.


It is a good material for making floors and home furnishings.

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