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Specification and model: small, medium and large

Small cup: suitable for trunk with diameter of 5-15 cm

Medium Cup: suitable for trunk with diameter of 10-25cm

Large cup: suitable for trunk with diameter of 15-35 cm

The support sleeve cup is made of new injection molding material, which is heat-resistant, cold resistant and not easy to deform.

The tree support sleeve cup is used when supporting trees. It is fixed around the trees and the lower end is connected with the support rod.

The cup cover is simple to use. After installation, it can effectively prevent trees from defecting. It can expand automatically with the growth of trees and will not cause damage to the growth of trees.

Function of Cup Sleeve:

1、Easy to use, time-saving and labor-saving

2、Scientific design, high friction, firm support, not easy to slip

3、Wear and use, efficient and convenient, can save 50% of labor

4、Cold and heat resistance, not easy to deform

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