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1、 Basic Information

Product name

 Garden support rod

Texture of material



 Diameter 3cm-6cm, length 2m-8m

Product composition

Cup sleeve, strap and support rod


Garden tree support, garden planting, municipal greening engineering, fence protection, fence, etc.

Material: the tree support rod takes Eucalyptus as raw material and is directly mined in the forest farm.

Texture: natural logs are used, with clear wood grain, natural environmental protection and natural beauty.

Not easy to deform: the support rod is naturally dried in the sun and air to maintain the straightness and color of the original wood. It is not easy to deform and bend when in use.

Good corrosion resistance: it has natural anti-corrosion function and good waterproof performance.  

2. Function of tree support rod

After planting or transplanting a big tree, it is easy to form a cavity around the foundation, and the root system has not been extended just after planting. In order to prevent the root from tilting and tilting under the action of external force, in order to ensure its survival rate, it is often fixed with a fixed support after planting, which can prevent the tree from falling down due to uneven stress, and is widely popular in landscaping fixation.

3. Support rod features

1) The Eucalyptus support rod is hard, with high strength and toughness and light weight.

2) Because the material itself has certain waterproof property, it has high solid and anti-corrosion performance.

3) The surface of Eucalyptus is smooth and flat with beautiful lines.

4) The natural scenery is more beautiful and can beautify the street environment

4. Support installation requirements

1) The support rod shall not be placed too low when supporting the tree, which will weaken the support force of the support rod and reduce the firmness of the tree. The support height shall be 1 / 2-2 / 3 of the height of the tree;

2) . inclination angle

(1) The general inclination angle of triangular support is 45 ° - 60 °

(2) The general inclination angle of four corner support is 35 ° - 40 °;

3) . the support direction of the support rod shall be reasonable

(1) One support rod of triangular support must be set at the upper position in the main wind direction, and the other two shall be evenly distributed

(2) The square tree pool is supported at four corners, and each support rod is distributed at each right angle.

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