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 1. Introduction

Anti-corrosion wood floor is processed by ordinary wood through anti-corrosion treatment. After the anti-corrosion treatment, the performance of ordinary wood floor is greatly improved, achieving the functions of anti-corrosion, mildew, moth and termites.

Anti-corrosive wood flooring is one of the most widely used outdoor wood.  Open-air wooden floor specially used in outdoor environment, and can be directly used in the environment in contact with water and soil. It is outdoor wooden floor, garden landscape floor, outdoor wooden platform, terrace floor, outdoor wooden plank road and other outdoor anti-corrosive wood pergola  The preferred material.

2. Performance

1) nature, environmental protection, safety

2) anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-moth, anti-termite invasion.

3) Improve the stability of wood, and the protection of outdoor wooden structure by anti-corrosive wood is more important.

4) anti-corrosive wood is easy to paint and color, and can achieve beautiful effects according to design requirements.

5) It can meet various design requirements and is easy to produce anti-corrosive wood for various gardening landscape boutiques.

6) The anti-corrosion wood has a particularly significant effect in contact with moist soil or hydrophilic, and it can meet the requirements of 15-50 years of use in various outdoor climatic environments. Please consult the sales phone for details.