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How To Choose Wood

Date:2021-08-12 Views:234

In civil engineering and home decoration, the production of wooden squares accounts for a large part, so the choice of wooden squares is particularly important. Choosing good quality wood has a great influence on the quality of home decoration. Therefore, when buying wood cubes, you should choose them carefully and focus on quality.

It is normal that the moisture content of the wood is 8%~12%, so that cracking and warping will not occur during use.  Usually the moisture content of the wood cube is related to the drying method of the wood cube.  The steam method has the best drying effect. If there is a special instrument, it can also be tested.  In addition to these, there are some simple and easy methods:

1. Hand weighing method: You can weigh the weight of the wooden square by hand, and it must be heavier if there is more water.

2. Hand touch method: Put your hand on the top of the wooden square and feel its dampness.

3.Nail method: You can try to nail into the wooden square with long nails. If it is easy to nail in, it means that the wooden square is relatively dry, otherwise, the humidity is relatively high.

4. Dithering method: The finished wood can be shaken from one end forcefully. If the quality is unqualified, it is generally easy to split into two from the middle.

5. Eye view: How many knots are there from the beginning to the end of a piece of wood. If the knots are black, they will not work. They are easy to break during installation.