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Standard For Selection Of Anti-corrosive Wood Pavilion

Date:2021-08-12 Views:234

1. Look at the appearance of the pavilion: the high-quality pavilion is well-made, and the carving is exquisite and energetic. The hand-carving is not computer-carved.  Whether there are gaps in the connection and inlays.  Whether it is a pillar, a guardrail, a table or a chair and other hand-touchable places, there is no thorny place.

2. Look at the selection of materials for the pavilion: most of the high-quality pavilions use Fragrant cedar, with clear wood grain.  Fragrant cedar is known as "natural antiseptic wood in wood" Benefits: ①Natural log fragrance. Fragrant cedar alcohol contained in Fragrant cedar can kill bacteria in the air, inhibit pathogenic bacteria in the human body, and inhibit various skin inflammations.  Effect; ②It has the health care effect on the human body to eliminate fatigue and relieve stress!  Compared with painted furniture, it is more environmentally friendly, and it also has a special fragrance.  ③Fragrant fir contains "Shan Nao" which can resist insects and rot.  .  In order to reduce costs, inferior pavilions often use loose wood. After treatment, no difference can be seen on the surface. Therefore, customers should consult the promoters carefully when choosing them.

3. Look at the top of the pavilion: The top of the high-quality pavilion has a three-layer design. The inner layer is a layer of carbonized wood, the middle layer is a waterproof board, and the outer layer is carbonized wood tiles. Generally, glazed tiles are used, and the tile grooves have drainage.  Function, three-layer design is not easy to leak, you can rest assured that it can be placed outdoors.  The lines of the lights in the pavilion are all laid out before leaving the factory. The four m-shaped beams on the gourd top of the pavilion are slotted, and the gourd top has its own wires.

4. Look at the style and size: The pavilion is roughly divided into four corners, hexagonal, octagonal, double-layer, three-layer, special-shaped, etc. Consumers are advised to look at the style in advance, measure the specific size, and choose the appropriate style. It is recommended that it is the best  Laying the foundation, because the weight of the conventional pavilion is generally more than 400Kg, considering whether the long-term contact force will cause the ground to deform and sink and make the pavilion uneven.

5.Look at the production process of the pavilion: the pavilions currently on the market have different manufacturing processes. Under normal circumstances, the pavilion has undergone 39 processes such as drug soaking, high temperature cooking, baking, antiseptic, and carbonization...  ...Dont doubt, this is not about food cooking techniques, but a furniture store owner who uses carbonized wood as a pavilion to explain to the editor the craftsmanship behind the special texture of the furniture.  Natural, environmentally friendly, safe, and more suitable for family use.